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O/O or small fleet

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Mon Sep 04, 2017 09:30 PM

Looking for Owner Operators or Small fleet to run freight. Looking mainly for flatbed, Van, or Ref units but will consider all equipment.
I am a 22 year veteran of the transportation industry, both as an operations manager and as a broker. I know the games that are being played, I know the freight lanes inside and out. I know the market.
I have the access to all the web boards that in itself saves you money.
Can provide you with roadside assistance that can save you money, do carrier paperwork, even provide you with detail summary on all your books.
What I wont provide is the following:
Force Dispatch - its your truck you run it how you see fit
BS- no bs here cant and don`t have time for it Im going to shoot you straight, if you don`t like it then hey by all means tell me... If you cant deal with it then I am not the guy for you... sometimes you stuck and its a crap samich and we all got to take a bite out of it.
Cut I pay - You will make more money with me then anywhere else PERIOD.
I am going to provide the following
Load Planning - I am going to plan your loads out for you detailed to when and were we are going to go by weather, freight availability, truck availability and lastly your wants.
Home Time- Will run you through the house as much as possible and home during the weekends- (IF you in a tight spot I may have to get in your arse a little be prepared to run some to take care of business) No professional will run his fleet 24/7 365 days a year ... has to be a good balance. A happy Driver is a safe driver.
More Money- For 22 years I have watched drivers waste their money on not planning correctly, taking advantage of markets and lanes. I can send you to places that you thought were terrible and get you out with more money in your pocket, tell you when to fuel give you advice on spending habits and most importantly
This is what I do those that don`t have a full dispatch department, or maybe has their wife doing it... let me do it. I can make you more money.
ext 400 For more info.

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